Welcome to the cornerstone of the foundation of all knowledge, the What, When, Where, Who, Why, How and How Long Database.

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A TRULY unabridged dictionary is not available.  This database is an example of how this situation might be remedied utilizing the World Wide Web with its expansive capabilities.  It is a unity of information in a nascent state, eventually to become Wh5How2 Universus.

This link is to a Word Search of those words currently included.

The following letters are links to words beginning with that letter.

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This link is to the word star, Definition 2.  This link is to the word apple.

This link is to a comprehensive dissertation regarding database content.

This link is to view the hierarchy of this database.

This link is to About the Wh5How2 Database.

This link is to the timeline of new words added.

This link is to Visitor Feedback.

This site, last modified 2015 SEP 18, contains only a few words (mostly nouns) at present.

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